Thursday, 27 June 2013

Our last post

We are glad that you followed us on our bike tour in Europe. We had fun writing down our adventures, hopefully for your enjoyment. As of today we received more than 1800 views of the blog from over 10 countries, including Latvia, Russia and the 
Ukraine (who are our viewers from there?)

We have now returned to Montreal. Today, we'll put together the bikes and then visit family and friends for the next few day.

Please write us a final comment
What did you think of this blog? Should we do another one of our next bike trip? What did you enjoy and missed?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Helsingør, Denmark & Helsingborg, Sweden

We took the train to Helsingør to see a charming and empty town, as everything is closed on Sunday. Under a threatening sky, we visited the Kronborg Castle (also known as Hamlet's castle). Very impressive defence moats surrounding the castle. We then took a 20 minutes ferry ride to Helsingborg, Sweden. Visited the town and looked at the castle grounds. Then back on the ferry and onto the train, (same station) to arrive at our hotel not even an hour later. Amazing!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Koge to Copenhagen, our final destination.

After 64km we arrived in Copenhagen( a day early). Our total  kilometres was  645km.  We were welcomed by fantastic architecture and MANY bikes. Wow! What an inspiring city.

That is bike culture. Parking at the Central Train Station.

Stege to Koge

As we get closer to Copenhagen the Baltic Sea is more inviting, maybe it was the heat, 30 deg C today. Joey went for a mid- day swim.
Another fantastic day of riding, 110 km!  Again the route was mostly on quiet, enjoyable country roads. 
The signage has been excellent, even in the most remote area.